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Universal Tool Grinder
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SA-250 Universal Tool Grinder

  The working table of mode SA-250 is installed the roll linear motion slide rail and smooth & light of movement. 

  Typical Applications of Grinding Router Bit(As fig)

  Typical Applications of Grinding Straight Carbide knife(As fig)

  Typical Applications of Grinding Circular Sawblade(As fig)
Tungsten carbide profile tool ø 230x250 mm
Tungsten circular saw blade ø 510x9.5 mm
Tungsten circular planning knife 200x38x6.5 mm
Tungsten carbide router bit ø 13 mm    
Longitudinal travel power 254 mm(10")
Grinding wheel size ø 150xø 16x16 mm(Diamond grinding wheel)
Rev. speed of grinding wheel 4,000 r.p.m.
Grinding power 1 HP
Coolant pump motor 1/8 HP
Machine size 770x770x1370 mm
Measurement 800x800x1470 mm
N.W./G.W. 300/385 kgs