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Auto Straight Line Rip Saw
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Auto Straight Line Rip Saw 
This machine is a precision slitting trimmer for precision trimming changing materials, processing prior to the puzzle. 
Can accurately do monospaced processing. After working with the processing bottom vertical absolute vertical, machined flat processing
surface and a straight line,Rapid speed finishing and, once completed and high efficiency. 
Using the cutting blade at the bottom of the upward actuation principle, make them more accurate sawing machine and safe. 
Eight timber holding rolls and maintain a stable combined with the Tracked make. 
1. Machine body with high tensile steel plate, fine welding tempering, sandblasting, Roughing processing, processing a number of programs,
and Disposable to highly sophisticated by CNC machine manufactured.Complete machine body and keep the body balanced 90 degrees to the spindle.
2. Without the oil injector in the spindle apparatus, the provincial maintenance can save time and move the spindle easy effort.
3. Saws slider have high-precision to dual-slider with high-quality manufacturing materials. 
4. Machine body castings made by FC.28 ~ 30 casting made materials, manufacturing quality stability and high stability of the finished product,
so that customers get profits. 
5. Rail slider with an automatic oiling system device, maintaining stable lubricating automatic safety device and will stop automatically when there is no oil,extend machine life and operational safety.
  Without the oil injector in the spindle apparatus, the provincial maintenance can save time and move the spindle easy effort. 

  Saws slider have high-precision to dual-slider with high-quality manufacturing materials. 

  Worm gear and worm shaft, use bearing, for use of more lightweight more effort. 

  Automatic lubrication systems
Automatic lubrication systems with automatic oiling, and when fuel supplement, the machine will stop working to protect the machine operating performance. 
Milling Process
  Milling machine processing
Using CNC machine centers, and disposable, precision processing is completed.
Line rip saw components use fourth axis forming to make disposable,processing completed. 
(optional accessories)
   Pneumatic Auto Fence 

  Laser unit 

  Roller Conveyor  
Max.cutting thickness 120 mm
Table surface 2000 × 1160 mm
Sawblade dia.xbore of saw blade Ø355~455mm (14"~18")x50.8mm
Throat depth 660 mm
Max.process width in right of saw blade 700 mm
Holddown roller/size 8pcs/ Ø70mm
The shortest process length 200mm.
Spindle speed 3000rpm(50HZ); 3600rpm(60HZ)
Feeding speed
11~26m/min(50HZ); 13~31m/min(60HZ)
Feeding speed (inverter) 11~26m/min
Spindle power 15HP/20HP
Feeding power 2HP(選配Optional:3HP)
Inverter system feeding speed(optional) 11-28m/min
Dust collection hole x suggest power Ø125(5")x5HP
Machine size(LxWxH) 2270 × 1710 × 1550 mm
Measurement(LxWxH) 2280 × 1850 × 1680 mm
N.W. / G.W. 1700 kgs / 1900 kgs
2002 Vietnam furniture factory(China factory) 

2006 Vietnam furniture factory(Taiwan factory)  

2007 Malaysia wood factory

2008 Taiwan Taichung furniture factory

2009 Vietnam furniture factory

2009 Taiwan North Area

2015 China Shen Dong(England factory) 

2015 Vietnam furniture (Vietnamese)

2015 Malaysia MUAR furnitue factory