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Company Profile:
As a woodworking machine brand “SAN JUI MACHINERY” is a combination of Straight Line Rip Saw machine, tool grinding machine manufacturers, with not only the half-century of corporate culture, entrepreneurial process arduous, adhere to quality, wood core brand. Look forward to become the world's best brand of woodworking brand!
SAN JUI in 1993 was founded in Taiwan, founded by Mr. Chiu Yu Hsung early to sharpening machine with a single saw for the main production, early as Taiwan's largest shipments of the manufacturers, and later developed monolithic saw also over Europe and the United States brand, And uphold the spirit of continuous innovation and courage to provide a practical and word of mouth strong brand, today, SAN JUI has become one of the world's influential brands.

Ddevelopment history:
1993 ~ 1995 founded Taichung Fengyuan founded SAN JUI MACHINERY, the development of a variety of sharpening machinery.
1995 ~ 1998 successfully open the export market, and strong export in the mainland, the Association of ten countries.
1999 ~ 2000 developed a straight Line rip saws, and export in the world multi-country.
2000 to 2005  straight Line rip saws  sold in various countries, and achieved very good reputation with the durability.
2005 ~ 2010 developed CNC automatic grinding machine and NC automatic  tool grinding machine.
2010 ~ 2015 in response to market competition, and actively develop and ASEAN 10 plus a country, and actively promote Vietnam, USA, South America, East Europe Malaysia, China, Indonesia and  India market.
2016 ~ the future for the environment to compete, sustained marketing and provide high-quality products to customers.
Brand characteristics: merit, it must first of its profits.
Solid wood trimming - one of the most important aspects of wood processing, the SAN JUI monolithic trimmer processing, a "cross pattern" of the wood mark. SAN JUI with excellent processing technology, to provide high-quality and highly competitive advantage to provide customers with goods. Monolithic saws adhere to the use of senior cast iron FC28 to FC30, and steel plate in Taiwan in the local production, track can be durable 5 to 10 years, manufacturing quality and stability, durable machine, so that customers peace of mind to create the maximum profit.
Brand story: business is difficult, keep more difficult.
Founder CHIU YU HSUNG at the age of 14 on the community to work hard, done several industries, the initial business also experienced a variety of success failures, the company early to develop their own R & D manufacturing grinding machine / Straight Line Rip Saw machine, More honest, often sleepless from the drawing, processing, design are single-handedly arranged, CHIU YU HSUNG chairman of the entrepreneurial process overcoming all obstacles, at the age of 39 to create SAN JUI MACHINERY, but not long after entering the market, will be quality and reputation to win, and production Soon became Taiwan's largest, at this time, because Taiwan's woodworking machinery in the world woodworking machine thriving fever!
In the SAN JUI MACHINERY entrepreneurial genes, nothing more than, enthusiasm, persistence, efforts to three elements.
In the wood industry, sincere, practical, trust is the SAN JUI MACHINERY to everyone's wind assessment.
The company in the second generation Ken Chiu took over after the continuous development of new models, and actively promote new markets and brand management.
The company team for the market survey of the required models, amendments to the SAN JUI development of machinery, to provide high-quality machinery, so that each customer can feel the product competitive advantage, mainland China to Southeast Asia have SAN JUI  customers and footprints, SAN JUI entrepreneurial brand story , From the pursuit of a better life, to create a career dream of the pursuit, he is enough to inspire all the story of the dreamer, a career heritage, adhere to the faith, and create machinery in the perfect combination of wood for aesthetics.
Company business philosophy:
Adhere to the quality first, word of mouth trust, to create customer profits, do social responsibility.
Enterprise vision: so that SAN JUI MACHINERY to become the world's "best brand" position, a world-renowned influential brand.
Corporate mission: to create employment opportunities, the establishment of social responsibility, so that the community better!